HistoryPLUSArt can revolutionize education with do-it-yourself lessons based on past art and history. This website is dedicated to those who defend a choice to keep up with the rest of the planet, to change, and to grow.  

     HistoryPLUSArt is not affiliated with violence, weapons, racism, or wars based on intolerance, but with those who risked all for the sake of education and lost and to those who succeeded. Say NO! to intolerance. YOU have the voice  to stop hatred in your  own backyard through education, creativity, persistence. 

     These discussions prepare lesson plan content for the ABOVE AVERAGE and EXTRAORDINARY. Student. Kid. Adult. YOU! Anyplace. Anytime.

    Learning about the present from the past is possible for everyone, no matter what age. Our materials and themes base learning on art, history, fact, and past trends. 

     Our guidelines are based on state regulated curriculum. Let this guide you, or go it alone. Learning content is in sync with auto-didactic learners interested in establishing a culture of independent education. It is  knowledge that takes place beyond traditional classroom settings. The choice is yours. You don't have to be in a school to learn what past societies left behind.

     Isn't this the place to learn something different? Innovative curriculum can raise traditional learning standards, no matter where you are. Our aims support non-biased values with extensive lesson planning. 

      Interested in Classical life, Viking society, Romanesque art, High Renaissance culture, Classical Antiquity, or Renaissance and Reformation? It is totally up to you. It's time to realize motivation jumpstarts an integrated education al program for everyone. Have a look.

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