HistoryPLUSArt designed its philosophy from cross-disciplines, to correct inaccurate stereotypes about past societies. Our materials express that ties built on positive rather than negative traits are resilient. Our content highlights leaders who strived for peace rather than superiority. Their struggles voice today's themes, like independence and equal rights.

     Our method stresses ideal language usage. We must change expressive ideas so culture and "race" do not reflect incorrect stereotypes about the past. Freedom  and equality exists for all, regardless of class, race,title, age, gender, or heritage.

     So, history, literature, or art may represent messages that contradict such accepting attitudes. Instruction allows for the student to discover this. An example of such contradiction is "Chanson de geste." An anonymous, eleventh century Charlemagne biographer produced "Song of Roland."

     Some ancient manuscripts justify intolerance as cause for war, prejudice, hatred, and invalid social hierarchies, so caution is necessary when such art is a lesson's subject matter. Therefore, content here stresses heroism, resilience, intelligence, love, acceptance, generosity, humanitarianism, compassion, and empathy for life.

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