Here are a few selected resources for teaching ancient history content at the elementary level:

Solway, Andrew. Ancient Rome.  Oxford University Press, 2001

Connolly, Peter. The Roman Fort.  Oxford University Press, 1991

Connolly, Peter. The Ancient City: Life in Classical Athens and Rome.  Oxford University Press, 2000

Kebric, Robert. Roman People.  McGraw-Hill, 2004

Kebric, Robert. Greek People.  McGraw-Hill, 2004

Heaney, Marie. Over Nine Waves: A Book Of Irish Legends.  Faber & Faber, 1995

Church, Alfred J. The Aeneid for Boys and Girls.  Rough Draft Printing, 2013

Church, Alfred J. The Odyssey For Boys and Girls.  Rough Draft Printing, 2013

Smith, R. Scott. Ancient Rome: An Anthology of Sources

Schwab, Gustav. Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece. Pantheon, 2001