Connected Themes:

     First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada; Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship; Communities in Canada, Past and Present; Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community

     This lesson plan introduces junior level students to King Arthur's legacy. It is from a larger unit designed to incorporate core subjects. King Arthur is ideal for a classroom or tutored setting for students who studied primitive government systems. It is independent of other lessons.

     It is conjoint with a social studies focus on Canadian or American history. Its objectives span four follow-up activities. We include only the first and last in this current version. Ongoing concepts are scrapbooks, timeline building, and plotting cities on a world map.


      By the end of the unit, the student will

1. Develop a perception of place and awareness of place and learn that regional topography and geography influenced historical event and a growth of culture.

2. Understand the motivations of explorers and the effect of their exploration on European and indigenous cultures.

3. Learn that religious ideas have been dynamic forces throughout history for change and were reflected by the materialistic and cultural attributes of society.

4. Comprehend that King Arthur represented an Anglo-Saxon king from roughly 400 to 900 AD, before or after he regained control of the empire from the Romans.

5. Understand that the basic structure of every type of community works to achieve what is believes to be a better life.

6. Learn that relics were sacred because they were made of precious materials and they symbolized values cherished by medieval society.

Suggested Resources for the King Arthur Context:

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